О компании

Vestfrost Company enters the Russian market and offers a new line of household appliances of premium class: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashing machines, washing machines and washing-drying machines. Vestfrost production enjoys wide popularity in Europe — its quality and reliability was appreciated even by the Danish kings!

Vestfrost Company was able to make a whole revolution at the market — it became the first, who started a manufacturing of refrigerators of different colors at the request of clients and not traditionally white. A careful quality control of raw materials and production processes and also orientation to desires of customers allowed Vestfrost Company to achieve new sales level and to export already %96 of products to by 1990. The same year Vestfrost Company was awarded with the Danish premium of the king Frederik IX for achievements in export; and the reliability, ecological safety of products were marked by International Certificate ISO: DSENISO 9001.

Today, as many years ago, a technique of premium class surprises the customer with the design. Engineers and designers of the Danish Company consider an excellent appearance of products one of the most important features. They are able to realize this conception easily: different colors are combined with smooth lines and there is even a retro style in some models. Such technique is successfully fitted into the most refined kitchen interior and attracts permanently the attention of everybody.

Vestfrost products combine the external elegance with perfect engineering developments, which help to achieve a maximum functionality and to satisfy even very particular user. Vestfrost — is not only effective design, but a very clever electronics.

For today, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashing machines and washing machines of Vestfrost manufacturing, refer to a category of products, which enjoy authority and has 3- years full warranty.

The household appliances of Vestfrost turns your kitchen into a very comfortable room in a new interior, where is pleasant to gather at the dining table or simply for friendly chat! Products of such Danish company are a perfect choice for those, who can value a high quality, unique design and royal prestige.

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